Create Google Rich Card Article With Google Rich Card Codeigniter Helper.

Download The Helper Here

Below is simple implementation to use it.


 $data = array(
"title" => "Title Article Goes Here",
"images" => [
"authorname" => ,
"publisherName" => "Your Name",
"publisherLogo" => "Logo Of Your Site",
"datePublished" => "date published iso 8601",
"dateModified" => "date modified iso 8601",
"excerpt" => "short description article"

for date format
in php you can pass the date with this
date(DATE_ISO8601, strtotime('d-m-Y H:i:s'));

and call it in your controller :
$this->data['richcard'] = GoogleRichCard::RichCardArticle($data = array(), $pathurl, $authortype = 'Person');

in the head of view :
echo $richcard

Test your structure data at structure data testing tool

Check this article markup here